Hangzhou Aolida escalators have the complete specifications, the charming models, the flexible layout. It matches harmoniously with the surrounding environments. Each adds glamor to the other. It is richly endowed with the elegant flavor. It merges the design idea of Ergonomics. It is more prompt and convenient in the aspects such as the product use, maintenance etc. In addition, it applies the new and quality materials. It produces and processes the products according to the advanced technological methods, the first-class equipments. It fully guarantees the fine product safety, durability, reliability, properties and so on. When our vision keeps in pace with the internaitonal height, it is certain that we can produce the high quality goods!
Hangzhou Aolida escalators have been designed and produced accoridng to EN115 ‘The Escalator & Auto-walk Manufacture & Installation Safety Standard’ which conforms with GB16899-1997 from European Standard Committee. They feature as the good security and reliability, the high structural intensity, the sound durability, the smooth running, the low price etc. They are deluxe and attractive. You can have a secure, comfortable and trustworthy ride in the elevators from the fine and exquisite structure, the consummate step, the delicate handrail, the charming outline and model.
Hangzhou Aolida escalators are widely applicable for the public occasions such as the shopping centers, the supermarkets, the subways, the bus stations, the business centers etc. It is an ideal traffic tool to connect various floors.

Compact structure

It adopts the high intensity metal strucutre which?bring about the more compact product outline dimensions.

Beautiful outer appearance

The aesthetic design with the superior?consciousness conforms with the technological design of the human organs.?It is close to the world’s trend. It perfectly combines with the neighboring?architectures and environments.

Fine coziness

It employs the advanced control system and decelerator, the remarkable drive chain and the precise installation craft & technology in order to ensure the nice comfort in the product operation.

Safety and reliability

It strictly executes the current Chinese?and European GB16899-1997 “The Escalator & Auto-Walk Manufacture and?Installation Safety Standard”etc. It is equipped with all the necessary safety?devices. It uses the micro-computer control technology and fulfills the?non-contact control with the safe and reliable running.